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Mourinho worried about the impact the players still under Van Gaal

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho believes his former coach Louis van Gaal in his players ideological left a mark.

Mourinho has privately expressed his concerns about FUT 17 Coins the impact on Van Gaal brought on by the players. Mourinho told his friends, the direct cause of the difficulties encountered in recent United Van Gaal is the mess. Angry Mike Mussina part from his dissatisfaction with the backs, he asked backs more aggressive. But Louis van Gaal, they were asked to halfback pass. The Spanish midfielder Herrera last season, Van Gaal was requested to suppress their attacking instincts.

One example of this is the last season, Manchester United 3-0 victory over Everton, Herrera into the restricted area headed home collusion Rojo pass from midfield to start. Herrera thought he would get cheap fifa 17 coins

Mourinho tries to encourage Herrera, he most likely in tonight's Carling Cup appearances. Mike Mussina hopes he can more forward and try to reduce the sub-side pass.


Golden Globe Golden Rule: reporter only participate in the selection, 30 candidates

"France Football" magazine published a new resolution after the Golden Globe Award rules, the new list of Golden Globe candidates will be composed of 30 people, to cancel publication of the final three candidates for the link, the final winner will FUT 17 Coins  be announced before the end of the year.

"France Football" magazine announced last week end together with FIFA named "FIFA Ballon d'Or," and said:. "61st Annual Golden Globe Awards will be the beginning of a new era."

"FIFA Ballon d'Or" by national correspondents, each national team captain, each national team coach voting age came to cheap fifa 17 coins an end, the new Golden Globes Golden Globes will return to the original way - there will be from all over the world professional reporters Commissions of selection.

Other changes are:

1. List the previous 23-man list of candidates will be extended to 30 candidates;

2. Before the final winner announcement gives Fifa 17 xbox one coins

3. The final winner will be announced and voting months before the end of the year (international football next February);

After determining the return to the "France Football" the Golden Globes, FIFA has yet to announce the next step, after the news that FIFA may re-named the Coins fifa 17 "World Player" award.


Ingolstadt Forwards: if can seize the opportunity to carry Bayern 6

Ingolstadt striker Leckie said that if get the Buy FUT 17 coins  chance, they could have scored six goals in the game against Bayern.

In an interview, the game sent assists Leckie said: "! If we get the chance, we could have scored six goals Bayern"

Leckie sway within the first 53 minutes of the game the restricted area defensive player, foot shot, but was saved fifa 17 coins  by goalkeeper Neuer, but in the 76th minute when a suspected Tiago inside the penalty area did not get the referee's foul a penalty.

"Bild" said Incredibly, Ingolstadt this season after three actually only get 1 point, in the past eight fifa 17 ps4 coins games they are not a single win.


Ram: against the established elite league teams only participation

Bayern captain Lahm said he opposed the creation of the elite teams in the league only to participate in the  fifa 16 coins  future.

In an interview, Ram said: "Only the establishment of a well-known large team to participate in the elite league of football contrary to my understanding, this way, the game is always among the top teams duel, always the most attractive game, yes, but if Bayern Munich and Real Madrid played against a  FUT 17 Coins
16 coins season 10 times, it really is still exciting you? "
Ram stressed: "Although some gap between us and the small team, but they are still an important part of the European competition, the Champions League is not limited to the attractiveness of large team duel, small teams have the opportunity to Buy FUT 17 coins challenge Bayern Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Manchester City, Chelsea or Manchester United are also very attractive. "


Guardiola: Messi is the best player in the Champions League, no one better than him

In the Champions League match against Borussia conference, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola spoke with the group of another team Barcelona, and praised Messi is the best fifa 17 coins player in the Champions League.

Guardiola said: "The Champions League is among the best players Lionel Messi, no one better than him."

Messi has won the Champions League twice under the leadership of Guardiola, melon handsome now with Manchester City hope to buy fifa 17 coins 

"To coach a team like Barcelona and Bayern I am very happy, but now at Manchester City, we will have some part of our story. I'm not a romantic person, I just want to win the game, and the best way to win fifa 16 ps4 coins the game I think is my method, which I need to convince my players that. "


The contribution of pharmaceutical nova 40 minutes four goals, exactly like a movie star

The second round of the Bundesliga, Bayer Leverkusen 3-1 Hamburg reversal, Yang Bo He Nova Palo fifa 17 coins tribute hat-trick.

This is just the name of 22-year-old Finnish striker came off the bench in 15 minutes scored three goals, but after his goal, has starred in "Damn Goethe (Fack ju Göhte)" German actor Max von der Groeben push Laid wrote: "super hat-trick - just wearing the wrong jersey."

Because Max von der Groeben and Yang Bo looks Shizaitaixiang Palo, and Max von der Groeben himself is the sworn enemy of Cologne Leverkusen fans.

Yang Bo He Palo twice this FUT 17 Coins season in the league off the bench, a total of 40 minutes on stage, the ball 18 times, scoring 4 goals!

In 2013, Bayer Leverkusen to sign from Helsinki, has subsequently leased to Allen and Dusseldorf, and now, he has seen the main Leverkusen dawn.

Former pharmaceutical manager, Finnish legend Hyypia said: "He has great potential, when he was the ball in the penalty Cheap FUT 17 Coins area and the area around the time, never fear."


Juanfran: Can not imagine a no Simeone Atletico

Atletico defender Juanfran, today attended the fifa 16 ps4 coins Beginning of the season within the team is very anxious?

"Locker room atmosphere can not be better. The results of the competition in front of two really unhappy, but things are now, we can now do is to maintain the desire to win. I believe that if the team can win the next round of the league, then, after all everything will be different. team in good shape, to participate in the national team players are also in return, we'll kick a wonderful game. "

How do Gelieziman previous remarks?

"I think he is a very good player. Aside from the award aside, Gelieziman is the best player in the European Cup, Atletico array is a very important player. He knows what he is for the FUT 17 Coins team which, a great team, and we will spare no efforts helped the best player in Europe before he turned back. "

Do you think next year will continue to coach Atletico Simeone do?

"We must focus on the eyes. He is now the head coach of Atletico Madrid, I believe that next year he will still be our coach. He, like all of us now and full of desire. This is the last season, Calderon Stadium , and for all Atletico fans here this year will be some special things. "

Lopez Chatterjee and you have talked to you?

"I have not talked to him. In particular it is not necessary to call me before him. For him and the Spanish national team, I will always be ready. Whether elected or lose, I will always be ready. I'm happy team completed the two great game, especially the last, because we are in the points. Lopez Chatterjee also said before, every player is in control of their own destiny, and I, too. "

Did you hear about the Cheap FUT 17 Coins Spanish Real Madrid Barcelona main Xitewasi remarks it?

"I do not care for this thing the Spanish President of the idea, saying he does not care."