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Official: C Luo was elected the best player in last season's UEFA!

Beijing time on August 26, UEFA announced the 2015/16 season, the best player result, Real Madrid star C Luo and his teammates beat Atletico striker Gelieziman Bell was elected best fifa 17 coins  player in Europe!

This is the second time C Lo UEFA Best Player in 2013/14 season, he also won the Player of the seal.

After winning he said: "I am honored to get this award, thanks to all my friends in the media vote my teammates that I can harvest the cornerstone of this award, I worked very hard, but without my teammates help! everything is impossible to get. I thank Real Madrid and the Portuguese national Cheap FUT 17 Coins   team-mate! "

"I refer in particular to Portugal, because it is the history of our first harvest of the championship, which is very different, because I won the Champions League three times, but to win the championship in Portugal will be the highest light moment in my career. "

C Ronaldo scored 51 goals last season, it also allows C Luo became the major European league history, the first for six consecutive seasons have scored at least 50 goals or more players. Rewarding him last season to lead Real Madrid won the Champions League 15/16 season, 16 goals were scored. He led the Portuguese national team gains the European Cup, European Cup scoring three goals, but he also became the only one-fourth consecutive European Cup cheap fifa coins players have scored.


Hart dissatisfied melon handsome too late to inform their leave

Joe - Hart for his situation at Manchester City are angry, the transfer market is about to close, England goalkeeper must race against time to  buy fifa coins find a new club.

"Post" think Joe - Hart was suddenly abandoned coach Guardiola is the choice, when near the end of last season, Guardiola had already started looking for an alternative to Joe - a new goalkeeper Hart.

Joe - Hart believes that the club did not inform in advance their own arrangements about the future, which makes it difficult for him to find good at home in such a short period of time. Guardiola in the first two games in the Premier League Manchester City uses original No. 2 goalkeeper Caballero, while Manchester City favorite candidate Bravo has arrived in Manchester, he was about to accept fifa 17 coins  Manchester City's physical examination and complete the contract, and if such a situation really happened, Joe - Hart will even become the club's No. 3 goalkeeper.

Joe - Hart had privately told his friend that he should have before starting this summer was informed of their situation, which can give him and his agent have enough time to find the next home. Hart also believes Manchester City choose not to sell their publicly disclosed because if Manchester City goalkeeper change their attitude, they are afraid to raise prices in the face when you want the other team goalkeeper.

In fact, Hart at the end of the European Cup comeback after that drive themselves is not in Guardiola's plans, he took part in the club's pre-season training camp, but the club has been looking for during the transfer market to sign goalkeeper, it also allows Hart could not stay focused.

Bravo, 33, has arrived in Manchester, he is expected to be worth 17 million pounds switch to Manchester City from Barcelona. And Hart is likely to Buy FUT 17 coins join Everton on loan, but the 13.5 million pounds of weekly toffee is unwilling to pay.


Trench inhuman! Pique throw € 20,000 tip to private chef

Pique Shakira Couple at Ibiza holiday gift to  buy fifa coins  one cook up to 20,000 euros tip.

It is reported that a named Cayetano (Nicolás Cayetano) Argentine reporters on a broadcaster: "Pique Shakira couple enjoyed holidays in Ibiza, and they want to eat good food on the island to this end, the couple contacted a Pique Argentine chef, the chef served to pique a week's time. the chef seems very consistent with the requirements of Pique couple, for couples Pique specially prepared for him not a small sum for the tip. "

"I have a chef friend, and was invited to the couple Shakira Pique Ibiza, as they did a week of food. Finally, Pique praised the couple my friend, and left a sum not a small Cheap FUT 17 Coins tip, you guess how much money? "Cayetano in the program for the audience to guess. Then, no one guessed the amount of tips. Finally, Cayetano announced a specific amount: "Pique took out € 10,000 to him, and then took out and handed him 10,000 euros, 20,000 euros full tip!"

Some of the audience, said: "This is the annual salary of millions of professional athletes is simply a drop in the bucket." However, this pride of the island of Ibiza is not the only couple in the name of the chef owner in Ibiza island has more generous figure. Pique Shakira couple on the generous social welfare projects. Many years ago, Shakira has been and non-governmental organizations, and have their own charitable organization dedicated to  cheap fifa 17 coins the protection of children from violence.


Vieira: Arsenal now lack sufficient hard gas and personality

Vieira represented afraid Wenger's team will lose the Premier League title again, he believes that Arsenal lacked sufficient hard gas. Air full of hard Gunners midfielder Patrick Vieira effectiveness 1996--2005 years, helped the Gunners three Premiership summit. But since 2004, the Gunners will no longer meddle in the Premier League title, then captain Patrick Vieira or gunmen. And now, Wenger in the league opener at home 3-4 loss to Liverpool and 0-0 after the second round draw with Leicester City, suffered gun fans controversy. Vieira believes Arsenal should be better integration team fifa 17 coins  players, such as Ozil and Sanchez. 

He explained:. "In our age, there are many outstanding game players, but the vast majority of physical fitness is also very outstanding." We have - Dennis Bergkamp, ​​he has extraordinary talent, we have Henry, he Terminator spirit, of course, we also have a lot tougher players like Sol Campbell - also has a great personality players like Lehmann and David - Seaman.

"If Arsenal have such a line-up, which is very much like the 1998 World Cup win that support the French team, if you have something like this gifted player, with speed of the players, the players have a strong body, which with the year Arsenal and the French national team like  cheap fifa coins now I watch Arsenal, I will enjoy, enjoy kicking their balls, but I have a feeling, now Arsenal still lack the one thing a hard gas, good physical fitness and the players personality.

"Arsenal this past five or six years, there are many highly mobile player, a very good technical players, they are very different. Arsenal should have always been one of the hottest teams in the title race, because they kicked so beautiful football, but it is worth noting that they often lose this should get the three points, which is very regrettable.

Wenger this summer to 35 million pounds buy Granite - Zaka and 250 million pounds to buy FUT 17 Coins the defender Rob - Huo Erding, but also confirmed their intention to Valencia defender Mustafi. However, most gun fans think Wenger should spend more generous to the signings, giving Arsenal bring a long absence, the Premiership champions.

Vieira also said: "I think Arsene Wenger does not buy a player for a very courageous act, and I know he did not find really worth more signings I can say that I admire him since. you know, a lot of clubs in the world are very rich, they will go with 40 million lbs Buy a fact worth only 10 million lbs of players, but very real, now Arsenal is not as before, you need to go to the ball reinforcement team, working every day with new aid training with the team, it will slowly adapt and achieve self-improvement. "

Vieira is now coaching the US Major League team in New York City, he was very fond of living in New York, but he had to admit, he had a chance to stay at Arsenal youth team coach. Vieira also did not attract enough for Wenger Arsenal Gunners legend to Buy FUT 17 coins  coach each tier disappointed.

Even Arsenal striker Thierry Henry is also refusing to give up on Sky Sports football commentator choose not to go to the Gunners coach. Vieira said: "I do not know what the reason is, but I know the best example is Ajax, their pupils have chosen to stay in the team after retirement, they on the same front, their office doors open, welcomed the visit of the young players.

"It's the same gunman, gunmen echelon of young players would like to see pupils who Arsenal should proceed more in this regard. And when you talk to them, so the players will respect them, they are young  fifa 16 coins  players very good example. "


Koscielny: team strength is more important than individual

Despite the poor start to the fut coins season, but Arsenal defender Koscielny statement said the team will continue to compete for the league title.

Arsenal in the league the second game 0-0 draw with Leicester City, the Premier League two victorious, and the fans will once again targeting the Gunners manager Arsene Wenger.

Koscielny said: "We are Arsenal, we will fight for the championship we play every game to win and will battle this season will certainly not be easy, because the Yankees have to spend in the transfer market. a lot of money, this is incredible. but there are times when the collective strength of individual players is much more important than that. we will continue to  buy fifa 17 coins keep the team philosophy and continue to play their own way.

"You can see we lost last week, Ramsey, he is expected to be sidelined a month's time when we have summer tournaments, the situation is the same for each individual, not just Arsenal. I think each team's situation is similar.

"The players will be delayed rejoin time, need more time to adapt to the game and prepare for the game. Last week we did not play the game, because our state still does not allow us to  buy fifa coins do so, can be more than a week of recovery time is very important you can also see, the team no one was injured. "


Mach Juarez: I am pleased to continue the adventure in Leicester

Mach Juarez Leicester City on Wednesday and renewed for four years, making him the Premiership champions this summer and the latest renewal of a star. Algeria striker in the Premiership last season, became a phenomenon after his  cheap fifa coins contract to face Leicester City official television interview, he said he can not wait to continue the extraordinary career in the city of Leicester.

"I am very happy to continue my adventure in the city of Leicester, in the past two years, I had a great time here, so now I want to continue to go along with it. Here one day at a day before, and I also club together made a lot of achievements. all the players congratulated me, they are very happy, it makes me feel great. If you can leave all the players is really a good thing. "

"This is important, because last season we did the best thing we can do, we have experienced an incredible cheap fifa 17 coins season, so let the players stay, let the same spirit here in the league, it is very important and we played football very dynamic, so if all the players can maintain the right spirit and attitude, I think this year we can do some great things. I am very happy to be here, I know the club very happy energy and my contract, so I am very grateful to them. "

Mach Juarez last season as Leicester made only 28 goals (17 goals, 11 assists), 17 Premier League top rated midfielder for the club in the 2015-2016 season, made major contributions toward winning magic.

"Ranieri has given me the freedom within 30 yards. Holding formation, and pay attention to his teammates, this is a must, but he let me have the ball at their own situation make the right choice. This is for me important because he gives me a lot of confidence and the corresponding responsibilities. football is a team game, without depending on someone. we last  FUT 17 Coins season's achievements it is caused due to the team. we have a responsible goals players, but also responsible for defensive players, but ultimately it is they are paying for this team. "

"We need to maintain and last season the same state of mind, we have to concentrate on our football and the team. We have exciting memories, but have been in the past, we now have to do it is to focus on this season. "

Champions League for the first time, not only for the players will be an exciting experience for the fans and the entire city of Leicester is this, Mach Reis said he was excited to be in the Champions League and Yankees and big players meet, am looking forward to such a collision would bring something.

"It belongs to everyone, not just part of the players and the club, it belongs to the city and all the people of Leicester team behind it. This is our first time playing in the Champions League, this is simply unbeatable. Leicester City fans are great fans, they never will support us forward, whether at home or away. I thank them and hope they continue to buy fifa 16 coins  support us this season. "


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