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Capello son: my father will certainly not go to Inter coach

Capello's son said in an interview, his father will buy fifa 17 coins 

Inter this season to take over, De Boer led the record is not good, the Dutch coach also faces a lot of pressure. Italian media said that if De Boer was fired, then the Italian coach Fabio Capello may be short-term coach Inter Milan, the final goal of the Nerazzurri Diego - Simoni.

But Capello's son, said in an interview: "My father will not go to Inter Milan, he will not go to coaching other teams."

"He is now at home, he is happy about the present fifa 17 coins  life, my father had twice close to coaching Inter, one in 1996, one in 2006. Now, he certainly will not go to coach Inter Milan.


Buffon agent: the goalkeeper, mistakes are inevitable

Both the national team and Udinese league  Fifa 17 points

"Two and a half months or three months ago, Buffon was the best goalkeeper in the European Cup," said Martino, "and I am disappointed that it was a technical mistake for Udinese to concede. And the Spanish match, frankly, for the goalkeeper is often what happened, opponents close, he wanted to shovel out the ball, but did not hit the ball.

"If a goalkeeper mistakes in the game, I hope that this error is the game and Spain such a mistake and Udinese game, the ball about half a meter away from him when playing up, so he did not hold The ball. "

"He played about 1,000 games in his career, so when you play fifa 17 coins  1000 games, that kind of mistake could happen in a few games."

"The goalkeeper 's entire career can not be without mistakes, before there will be mistakes, the next will appear again, this is part of the game.

In addition, Martino also talked about Buffon's retirement plan, "he hopes to participate in the 2018 World Cup, which is now set goals .2018 will also be his sixth World Cup, when he will become the only A player who played fifa 17 ps4 coins  in the Sixth World Cup. "


Gleizman responded to Franck Ribery: He made sense

Bayern winger Franck Ribery said in an interview that his French compatriot Gleizmann is not a "world-class FUT 17 Coins player." Spanish media "Aspen" message, the day before yesterday, Bayern winger Franck Ribery said in an interview. Yesterday, Greitzmann responded to Franck Ribery in an interview, he said: "He said makes sense.

"He makes sense, I'm working towards that goal and I know I have a long way to go.Everyone has his own unique perspective.For cheap fifa 17 coins

"I would like to congratulate him if he has been in good shape for 10, 12, or 15 years," Ribery said in response to this: "I will continue to work hard." As I said before, I do not know if I'm the best Fifa 17 points players


Manchester United in 2013 had wanted to make Mourinho took over Sir Alex Ferguson

In 2013, Mourinho has been replaced Sir Alex Ferguson became Manchester United new coach, it was learned that he had FUT 17 Coins and Manchester United side in the car back seat for a secret talks.

"The Post" reported that Woodward flew to Madrid, which is to persuade the Portuguese coach came to Manchester coaching.

The high-level meeting took place in April in a car, the car was docked at Calderon Stadium, the window glass is black, Mourinho was leading Real Madrid rivals Atletico Madrid.

Then, this meeting for Woodward and disappointing, Mourinho made it clear that he has told Chelsea will return to Stamford Bridge.

Ever since, Manchester United in a few days after the eyes locked Fifa 17 xbox one coins

Manchester United earlier confirmed that Mourinho is the replacement of legendary Ferguson can be a suitable candidate, Old Trafford's view is that the former Porto and Inter Milan coach to continue to ensure that the number of the club's trophy, and his personality Charm enough to star in the Ferguson era after the conquest of Manchester United fans.

When Mourinho ended his Spanish coaching career, he was in charge of Manchester United and Manchester life are ready, but the emergence of Chelsea Coins fifa 17
 and Abu destroyed Manchester United's plan. 53-year-old Mourinho has a high degree of loyalty values, he believes he can return to London to continue their glorious cause.


Sagna: I hope the hamstring injury is not too serious

In a World Cup qualifier against France this morning, Bulgaria faced a 7-minute stretch of the game, and Sarnia injured cheap fifa 17 coins

The 33-year-old French right-back is hoping for some optimism that he will return to Manchester ahead of time and his right-back position in the national team will be replaced by Lille player Sebastian Cochia. "In giving opponents a penalty, I have accelerated back on defense, then felt hamstring may be a little strain, I will do a test tomorrow, I hope the situation is not too bad." Sarnia said.

Although Bulgaria opened the scoring by penalty kick in 27 minutes, but with Gamero's scored twice, Gleizman and Pate's  FUT 17 Coins 


Paris interested in Obama Mayan? Zoerk: We are not worried

Paris Saint-Germain is currently on Dortmund striker Obama Mayan very interested.

German media said the Paris side is currently very interested in Obama, they want to introduce, and then composed of Obama Mei Yang, Cavani and Dimaliya striker Trident, but for such rumors, Dott Supervisor "His FIFA 17 Release

According to "Sports Illustrated" reported that the Paris sports director Kluivert in the transfer window this summer, two days before the closure of the Dortmund asked about the possibility of the sale of cheap fifa 17 coins


Klopp: David - Silva is my favorite player in the Premiership

Liverpool coach Klopp in Sky Sports "Monday night football" when praising Manchester City midfielder David - Silva is his most Coins fifa 17
admired player.

Liverpool looks to be one of the contenders for the Premiership championship, and there are plenty of players out there, such as Kudiniao, Felmino and Mane. However, when asked for the other opponents in the evaluation of the highest lineup of players, Klopp chose Manchester  FUT 17 Coins 

"I like David Silva," Klopp said, "I love the way he plays, I do not know if he's the most dangerous man in the Manchester City squad, but he's a great player and he's ubiquitous , Technology is excellent, and he has a good attitude.

"Manchester City this season's start to be stunning, but in this case, I did not hear the media wantonly praised David - Silva, I am very sure he has his Fifa 17 xbox one coins